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Dental Clinic Dental Shop

In the quietest city center of Riga on Antonijas Street there is a cozy author's clinic of esthetic dentistry Dental Shop. Experienced specialists in the field of therapeutic, surgical and neuromuscular dentistry use an integrated approach to solving all problems of the oral cavity.

The Dental Shop uses the latest equipment from the world's leading manufacturers for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. In cooperation with specialists in other fields of medicine (osteopath, ENT, orthodontist), we achieve the best results in treatment and rehabilitation for our patients. 

We also pay special attention to aesthetics, since for our patients this is an integral part of a healthy smile. To do this, we use high-quality materials and innovative technologies, offering patients art restoration and veneers. In our practice, we use the latest PRF procedure, which facilitates tissue repair after surgical interventions, and is used in the fight against periodontitis. In addition, we offer a cosmetological PRF procedure for skin and face cleansing, skin rejuvenation and wrinkles, marks and scars.

Dentists of Dental Shop clinic

Dr. Lidija Rudakova

In 1976 has graduated Latvian Academy of Medicine. A member of Latvian Dental Association; specialises in dental surgery (apectomy and difficult extractions). Through long years of practice she has been an inspiration for lots of colleagues and a teacher and mentor for many dental students. A never-ending professional improvement for all these years still continues through many courses, conferences, exhibitions and practical lessons.

MSc.Dr. Marinna Rudakova

In 1995 awarded a dentist degree in Latvia Academy of Medicine. Master of Science and a member of Latvia Dental Association. In 2001 has founded a dental clinic „Perladents” in Jurmala and a dental clinic "Dental Shop" in Riga. Specializes in most dental fields, especially cosmetic dentistry; has gone through many different courses in cosmetic dentistry in Germany, Italy and Belgium. Does most of prosthodontic works.