Facial skin regeneration method - iPRF procedure

MIn our clinic, the unique method of skin renewal is available - Injected Platelet Rich Fibrin (iPRF) - The procedure for the face and decollete area, including the palm of the hand.

PRF metode

This method is based on patient’s plasma placement in problematic areas. Enriched with platelets, fibrin and stem cells, plasma activates the restoration of dermal cells in the natural state.

The PRF procedure does not use any form of preparation or medication to break down the blood fraction. Growth factors that are released from the platelets provide a stable and lasting result. Already 7 days after the procedure, the patient can notice how the wrinkles disappear, face complexion levels and healthy glow returns.

Why choose iPRF?

The iPRF procedure uses tubes that do not contain any artificial medications or gels. The release of growth factor from platelets is gradual, which gives a long-lasting and stable effect depending on PRPplasmolifting.

The range of indications is very wide:

  • Skin rashes of various origins, fine and deep wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Tired skin
  • Dry and very thin skin
  • Acne and post-acne treatment
  • Scar tissue
  • Uneven skin tone, pigments from natural and artificial tan
  • Loss of flexibility as well as density
  • Face oval contour refresh
  • Alopecia

Dental Therapy and Endodontic treatment

Therapeutic dentistry is a field of dentistry which deals with all types of tooth decay carious, erosive or traumatic.

  • Digital X-ray

    50.00 Eiro

    Our clinic used digital X-ray system which enhances the quality of dentist work, it helps to diagnose carious spread, find inflammation in the teeth and jaw helps control root canal treatment.

  • Tooth restoration

    from 50.00 Euro for one tooth treatment

    Nowadays even severe tooth decay can be treated and restored with modern materials. If the root is properly treated, even almost ruined tooth can be brought back to life.

  • Composite materials

    from 50.00 Euro for one tooth treatment

    We use the new generation light cured materials which are based on nanotechnology. These materials are very resistible in oral cavity, release fluoride, have wide range of colors. The minimum invasion technique is used to prepare the tooth when filling with composite rather that with amalgam. This technique saves the tooth tissue.

  • Endodontic treatment

    from 40.00 Euro for one root canal treatment

    This is a root canal treatment. Endodontic treatment helps to save the roots of the teeth from the infection and inflammation, giving dentist a chance to use this root for further restoration. Even severely inflamed roots have high chances to survive if a proper endodontic treatment is applied.

Dental Restoration

Restoration - restoring or changing the shape and color of your teeth.

  • Esthetic restorations

    150.00 Euro for one tooth treatment

    By means of helio composite materials the shape and color of the decayed or discolored tooth can be made. Helio restoration is the fastest way to return your smile.

  • Veneering

    from 350.00 Euro for one tooth treatment

    These are very thin (less than 1mm) ceramic plates that are bonded to the enamel. By means of the veneering the color and shape can be changed to reach the best esthetic results possible.

  • Tooth twinkles

    from 50.00 Euro

    Different types of twinkles are now available in our dental office. Specially prepared precious stones, gold designs and other beautiful decoration can be fixed to your frontal teeth to accent the beauty of your smile

Tooth whitening and color adjustment

There are several different types of tooth whitening nowadays. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and also specific indications; for example some techniques are gentler and can be used even with sensitive teeth or for patients with periodontal diseases, nonetheless there are techniques that can be used only with absolutely healthy teeth. Our dentists will provide the full information about teeth whitening or changing the color of the teeth with other methods. They will also choose the procedure that is mostly suitable for you to create the perfect smile you were always dreaming of.

  • Beyond whitening system

    280.00 Euro

    This is the fastest and most effective system to whiten your teeth and get a fantastic smile. The procedure lasts only one hour and includes the application of a hydrogen peroxide gel and activating it with the Beyond lamp. This gel mildly penetrates the tooth enamel to fight the plaque and pigments without any damage for the enamel. Patients who smoke can also have this procedure, but it is strongly advised to quit or highly reduce the amount of the cigarettes smoked to make the effect last longer.

  • Home whitening

    from 170.00 Euro

    This is the easiest way to whiten your teeth at home. Our clinic will provide you with everything needed for this procedure and will give a step by step instruction to achieve good results.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a procedure which includes tooth plaque removal, supra and sub gingival tartar removal and tooth polishing. Thanks to modern technologies in oral prophylaxis the procedures mentioned are performed very quickly and effectively, returning the natural brightness and color to your tooth.

  • Tooth tartar removal

    The professional tooth cleaning should be performed by a professional hygienist every six months (in case of periodontitis – every tree months). The major tartar is removed by the means of ultrasound devise. The rest of the procedure is performed with hand instruments which are very precise and remove all the rest of tartar.

  • Smokers’ plaque removal with the AIR-FLOW system

    This is the most efficient procedure the dentistry has today. The Air-flow system cleans the teeth with the mix of water and special cleaning powder under the high pressure. Air-flow system ensures total plaque removal whether from coffee, tee or cigarettes giving a perfect result without any harm for the enamel.

  • Polishing

    Every hygiene session is ended with the tooth polishing which brings the brightness to the tooth and makes them pleasantly smooth.

  • Oral prophylaxis

    It is proves that prophylaxis is absolutely essential to prevent tooth decay and gingival inflammation or other soft tissue disease.

  • Home hygiene education

    Unfortunately not everyone does know how and when home hygiene should be performed. Our hygienist will work out an individual plan for home hygiene for you. She will help you to select the right tooth brush, tooth paste, floss or mouth wash suitable just for you.


  • All kinds of tooth extractions

    from 40.00 Euro for one tooth treatment

    Our doctors will make sure you don’t feel a thing. Using a minimum trauma method and modern anesthetics makes the procedure absolutely painless and brigs the stress from to a very low level.

  • Apex resection

    150.00 Euro for one teeth

    Apex resection is a very effective operation to save frontal tooth which suffer from the root inflammation in case when root canal treatment is ineffective or can not be performed by any reason. The essence of this operation is that the apex of the root is removed with all the inflamed tissue, and the root canal is filled from bottom. Such operation can save a tooth from extraction and let it serve for many, many years.

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

    from 80.00 Euro for one tooth

    None the less this is sometimes a very complicated procedure – our doctors do perform it using their professional skills gained from years of practice.

Dental Implantation

  • Implantation

    from 500.00 Euro

    Implantation is a new, very popular way to restore any missing tooth in your mouth without using another tooth as an anchor. This is a new technological way to "grow" a new tooth. The procedure is performed in two stages. On the stage one our highly trained surgeon places the implant in to the jaw in the place needed to restore the tooth. After three to six month this implant can be used to make a prosthetic job to create a final restoration with a metal ceramic crown or any other prosthetic appliance. Implants can also help your dentures to serve more efficient by transmitting the byte forces to the jaw relieving your gums as long as give your denture very good stability and fixation.

Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is the procedure of replacing of missing teeth. We do the following prosthetic jobs

  • All types of dentures including Valpalst and Flexite

    from 450.00 Euro

    A denture is the only way to return a smile to the edentulous patients (except implantation). Dentures can return a function which was lost along with the teeth as long as make you look younger reshaping your lips and giving you back your smile. New dentures have good fixation which van be enhanced using fixation gel for the dentures. There are also removable prostheses for the patients who have partly lost their teeth. These prostheses are force resistible, have good fixation and are easy to wear.

  • Metal ceramics

    from 250.00 Euro for one unit

    By means of this material a patient gets the best esthetic results for a long time. MC crowns and bridges are force resistible; allow creating any form and coloring the patient desires. Gold can be used as a carcass for the MC. Gold gives milder colors for the MC, making crowns look very natural.

  • Gold-Ceramics

    Gold-ceramics is a very popular type of non-removable prosthetics. Gold allows you to make artificial teeth more "warm" due to the gold frame.

  • Zirconium based ceramics

    from 400.00 Euro for one unit

    This is the most esthetic type of ceramics because of a white Zirconium base. Now shades from a metal can be ever observed in the patients’ mouth, as it is sometimes possible with metal ceramics because of a black base of the crown and very thin gums. There are though some contraindications for the zirconium based ceramics which have to be considered before the treatment begins.

  • Metal-free ceramics

    from 350.00 Euro for one unit

    Metal-free ceramics are very beautiful, aesthetically perfect appearance of non-removable prosthetics, which is based on transparency, "shining" ceramics. This method of prosthetics has some contraindications, namely, its use is possible under the condition of predominantly vital teeth and absence of such a problem as bruxism.

  • Implant based prosthetics

    from 500.00 Eiro for one unit

    It is a new, very popular way to restore any missing tooth in your mouth without using another tooth as an anchor. This is a new technological way to “grow” a new tooth. Implants can also help your dentures to serve more efficient by transmitting the byte forces to the jaw relieving your gums as long as give your denture very good stability and fixation.

  • Onlays

    from 300.00 Euro for one unit

    These are laboratory prepared fillings. They can be made from gold, ceramics or other materials. Onlays have several advantages compared to simple fillings like for example high force resistance.

  • Veneering

    from 350.00 Euro for one unit

    These are very thin (less than 1mm) ceramic plates that are bonded to the enamel. By means of the veneering the color and shape can be changed to reach the best esthetic results possible.